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The Connected Fund


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Automation Saves Time

Investments and portfolio automatically update with every TWO12 Connected Cap Table

Understand Today

Track today's investment performance in real-time & share with your team and LPs

Model Tomorrow

Evaluate dilution as a result of note conversion & upside potential on exit using 'What If' models 

Why The Connected Fund

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Stop chasing portfolio companies for updates

TWO12 portfolios automatically update with every TWO12 cap table

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Portfolio umbrella view provides real time information

Spot areas of opportunity & risk

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Dilution simulations, pro-rata analysis, & exit modeling

Analyze exit scenarios and project out fund performance

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Automatically track LP & GP contributions, Management Fees, Distribution, Multiples, Carry, and Profits for all LPs & GPs.

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Tracking & Transparency

Onboard LPs and give them 24x7 visibility into their investment performance.

Easily connect the fund with portfolio companies' cap table and track investment performance in real time.


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model exit scenarios & fund performance

Make more informed decisions with new investment opportunities, and understand portfolio impact of follow-on investments

Model future investments into each of your portfolio companies or new investments being considered.


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